2 Unique Past Life Stories with Famous People That Will Surprise You

There is a common belief that many of us that are alive today lived in a prior life. Those that believe in reincarnation, a belief that states that the soul will have reoccurring lives, is a very popular topic today. Popularized by Michael Newton, Ph.D., he documented the many case studies of regressions that he had done in his book “Journey Of Souls.” This book was one of the first that brought this topic to the mainstream, despite existing for thousands of years in religions throughout the world. Here are three unique past life stories that might change your life, real stories about people who have recounted what they did in a lifetime before the one they are living now.

Before moving directly into the stories, it should be stated that this is a real phenomenon. When a hypnotist is able to work with these individuals through regression hypnosis, they do not provide any leading questions. People seem to be reliving portions of a single past life that they remember, or multiple past lives, all of which were experienced by their soul. Other popular authors including Brian L Weiss MD and the now deceased psychic Sylvia Brown all helped contribute to the popularity of this phenomena today.

This is a unique story that was documented not too long ago. What is unique is that most of the people that recount a past life were not famous people. It’s hard to find evidence of their prior existence unless it is a well-known person in history. In this case, Ainslie MacLeod was able to regress a woman by the name of Kate which led to this amazing story. She initially saw herself by the River Thames in London at a time where men were actually thatching roofs. She knew that she was a woman, and she felt the pain of having had a daughter taken away from her. Later on, they were able to determine that she had been Anne Boleyn, one of the famous wives of King Henry VIII. The daughter that was taken from her would later become the Queen of England, a person that we know as Queen Elizabeth.

This is a story that was well documented, one that began when the famous painter was taken to the grave of his brother. His parents believed that he was the reincarnation of his dead brother. However, Salvador Dali was able to remember another past life, one that had a much more revered past. He believes that he was the reincarnation of St. John of the Cross, an individual that lived in the 16th century that was a monk who is considered to be the greatest of all Spanish mystics. Although this was before the time of regression therapy, Dali would have memories of living this other life. Many have thought that this could have been part of the reason for Dali becoming a surrealist, expressing a representation of the torture and anguish that St. John of the Cross had to endure toward the end of his life.

These are just a few examples of past life stories that people have lived, specifically those that were well-known figures. It could be said that these people would have read up on the lives of these individuals, and unconsciously created these events. However, it is the thousands of regressions that are done every year with people that have no reason to lie, nor will they receive financial gain for the information they are sharing. To them, the imagery that they see, and the feelings that they have are real about past lives that they have once lived.