The World is Changing. Are You Up for It?

extension of life

Welcome to the Holistic Art Institute.  We are the internet’s most trusted location for research regarding all forms of incarnation and past lives.  Our level of information is quite extensive and has been backed by over forty years of research.  We have countless experts in the field that are consultants and ongoing contributors to our material. If you have ever thought about higher forms of consciousness or UFOs, you are not alone. There are many, many more people like you that feel there is much more to life than what we have been told. You will learn a great deal about the nature of true reality through our systems which are quite elaborate.  We extensively detail the process of reincarnation in a simple way for anyone to understand and benefit from our vast experience.

Studies have proven through the years that there is a greater being that connects this world. There is a universal consciousness that is governing us all.  It directs us in places that are extremely positive and offer a look into the past life research that we do.  Human beings are not alone in their quest for greater intelligence.  There are many more highly evolved societies that are out there ready to help.  They have made agreements to assist man kind with their development and evolution. The current government of the United States of America is aware of this.  They understand the connection that many feel to higher intelligence and will not interfere.  In fact, they can not interfere with our collective growth.  We will educate through our blog and provide highly relevant information to the process of personal growth. Reincarnation is no longer a religion concept.  It is a far-reaching spiritual concept that is extremely positive for the greater good.

It is now 2017 and time for change. We are ready to move forward and paint a much brighter future for all.  Together we can make a difference.